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Real VMX


Real VMX is a VxWorks like operating system released as free software, typically the product can be freely modified, used and redistributed by anyone. The software is released under LGPL.


This project is significant because this is the first attempt to bring the power of a VxWorks like realtime system to the open source community.


  • The project was started at the 16th of April in the year of 2008 at sourceforge.net.
  • The first working kernel was available 30th October 2008 in the Pre-alpha version 0.0.5.
  • The project changed open source licenseform from GPL to LGPL the 16th November 2008.

Os Overview

The key features are:

  • Preemptive multitasking and round robin scheduling
  • A partition based memory manager
  • Binary, counting and mutex semaphores with priority inheritance.
  • Events can be sent between tasks
  • Message queues
  • Virtual memory contexts


The software development is done with the GNU Compiler Collection, GCC on the Linux platform. All the functionality of the final application is linked in to the same binary as the operating system kernel. When developing for an embedded system a cross compiler is needed. The output is an elf-binary file that can be stored on eprom or loaded unto the target host over ethernet.


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