How to install


  • A i386 compatible PC
  • Linux with gcc and the grub boot loader.


1. Go to the Real VMX sourceforge project site:
Real VMX Project

2. Download the Real VMX source code:


3. Unpack it (where x.x.x stands for the version number, for example 0.0.5):

# tar zxvf vmx-x.x.x.tar.gz

Setup environment

4. Setup the VMX_BASE environment variable:

# export VMX_BASE=[path to where you unpacked the files]/vmx

5. Add to PATH environment variable:

# export PATH=$PATH:$VMX_BASE/bin

Build kernel

(6.) In future versions the build model will been changed to a more modular style.
If the next step fails you must do this step first.

# cd $VMX_BASE/src

6. Change into the correct target directory:

# cd $VMX_BASE/src/build/i386

7. Enter the make command:

# make

Install kernel

8. Copy to boot directory/partition (as super user: type in "su" to get there):

# cp vmx /boot

8. Add entry to boot-list (still as super user):
a) Edit the file /boot/grub/menu.lst
b) Add an entry like:

title Real VMX
    rootnoverify (hd0,0)
    kernel --type=netbsd /boot/vmx

NOTE: Depending on if you have a separate boot partition (If you are using a Red Hat style Linux):
i) Enter the correct partition number after "rootnoverify", look at the entry for you Linux boot.
ii) Remove the /boot before vmx, so it will appear as "kernel -type=netbsd /vmx" on the kernel entry line.


9. Reboot your computer (as super user):

# init 6

Start the Real VMX kernel

10. Select Real VMX when the boot loaders screen appears.

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